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Investment in innovative companies and projects

bioXXmed AG, based in Darmstadt, Germany, is a holding company that invests equity in innovative biotechnology or medical technology companies. bioXXmed AG (formerly Cytotools AG) has been listed on the Basic Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2006.

bioXXmed AG finances biomedical projects in independent investment companies via equity contributions, alone or in consortium with other investors. Depending on the investment case, the holding period of the investments varies, but the aim is a long-term investment. As an active portfolio manager and investor, bioXXmed AG works closely with the management of the companies to ensure the success and long-term viability of the investment.

Currently, bioXXmed AG has a 68 percent stake in DermaTools Biotech GmbH and is the largest shareholder in Cytopharma GmbH. Beyond the existing investments, bioXXmed AG intends to invest in further innovative projects. The necessary funds will be generated through capital increases and attracting new investors for bioXXmed AG.

No research and development takes place at bioXXmed AG itself. The portfolio companies have their independent legal form. bioXXmed AG manages its holdings as financial investments, the associated companies are not consolidated.


bioXXmed AG
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