Biomedicine - investment

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Secure potential in the growth market of dermatology now

Biomedicine is the window into the future of medicine. Biomedicine relies on the molecular and cell biological building blocks to identify and prevent diseases. Nanotechnology, biotechnology, as well as digital solutions open up innovative and tailored therapeutic options for new drugs or medical devices. These promising approaches offer great potential for investors looking for investments in a dynamic future market.

Ethical-ecological investment in global health

Global health and access to modern medical treatment is one of the greatest challenges facing our societies. Biomedicine is the answer on the way to individualised medicine - with therapeutic innovations for the general public. Biomedicine is therefore an ideal asset for investors who, in addition to the economic success of their investment, are looking for an ethical-ecological investment with sustainable impact.


Financial investments

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as a mirror of life

Dermatology is an important growth area in biomedicine. Wound therapy, especially in diabetes, is of particular importance. More than 150 million people worldwide are affected by acute and chronic wounds every year. bioXXmed AG focuses on the advanced treatment of wounds and invests in innovative approaches of medical products and novel technologies in regenerative medicine.


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